The biggest project I have worked on within the Oldcastle Precast project thus far is the Stormwater management site. Essentially a website within a website, this project is a 30+ page "microsite." This project was a collaboration between the team's designers, me (the developer) and the client, populating the content to fit Oldcastle's needs.

Prior to starting on this project much of the OldCastle Precast website was not developed to be mobile responsive. A recent project of mine was to convert the home page to be mobile responsive and remove all inline css that was originally coded into the page by the former website development vendor. An ongoing project of mine is to gradually implement mobile responsiveness on all pages that lack this feature.

The Oldcastle Precast website has a handful of "National Product Pages," several of which were already created prior to my starting with Oldcastle. Since then I have created a handful of these pages including: Shelters, Prison Cells, Duratek Walls and Oldcastle Metals. When tasked to create these new pages, I was told to utilize the same template as the existing national product pages. However, I discovered most of these pages were not actually built on templates but were hand-coded pages. In order to make these pages editable and sustainable moving forward, I created an actual National Product Template which can now be used to easily create and edit pages in the future.

One of my first projects when starting at Oldcastle Precast was to overhaul the Region page's sidebar. This project included cleaning up the formatting since it lacked consistency through all 15 regions. Additional improvements to note include changing over the Plants from a list to a drop down, adding a Sales Contact modal and implementing a 3D modal on some region pages. In addition, the sidebar was made mobile responsive as it was not prior to the fixes.

The Oldcastle company page was built from scratch by me. It was built in order to tell some of the Oldcastle Precast story as well as serve as a place to host important pages like Terms of Services, Privacy Policy & Career-related pages.