Design must change behavior to be successful. The reader or viewer, as a result of experiencing our work, must buy, sign up, attend, donate, be moved, be inspired, learn, or somehow do something they might not have done, even if it's just to notice and acknowledge its existence. — highgate creative

Daily Logo Design

Personal Graphic Design Training

As a means to continually work on my graphic design skills I am starting a daily design challenge. This one is specific to logo redesigns. I will work on this and try to complete this to the best of my ability every day for a month. As I am interested in UI design I may sneak in a bit of UI practice amongst these logos. Wish me luck!

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Daily Design

Personal Work

This is a project I took on a couple months back in order to practice my UI design skills. Each day for a month I completed a random daily UI challenge provided to me, testing not only my skills but my creativity to come up with a different idea each day. This project was challenging and fulfilling as it forced me to think outside the box.

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Logo Redesign

Ruston Travel and Visitors Bureau

This is a series of logo proposals I created as part of a group collaboration project. The central idea of the logos was to capture not only the city's active outdoor culture, but also to capture its identity as an up-and-coming tech center hub of Louisiana.

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Preference Center Design & Development

United Way

Taking this project from start to finish, I worked with the client in creating a preference center that takes the user's information and updates his preferences into Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Following the United Way brand guidelines, I designed the preference center and then developed the web page.

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