About Me


Connor Dudley


Denver, Colorado


Snowboarding, Team Sports, Running, Photography, Nintendo Switch

Favorite Brew

Lefthand Brewery - Sawtooth Ale

Comfort Food

Big bowl of Pho and Shrimp & Pork Spring Rolls

Coolest place you have been

Japan / Thailand

Favorite Motto or Saying

"Go Big or Go Home... live a little" or "I'm still gunna Send It!"

My Approach

I am a front-end developer with an in depth passion for design. In my work I strive to acheive efficient functionality while producing eye caching designs. My focus is on the user experience, both on the front end and back end of the websites. Having had experience in dealing with both good and bad websites, I take what I have learned from these experiences and try to improve upon them as I progress within my career.

My Story

At the University of Colorado Boulder I studied Integrated Media within the Fine Arts program. I focused on digital arts, taking classes in a variety of different mediums such as Photography, Digital Media and Video Production. It was during one of my digital media classes that I took an interest in coding as I programmed an art project that created beautiful designs based off of sound. This interest inspired me to pursue a minor in the Technology Arts & Media (TAM) program where I learned more in-depth about the art of computer programming. My interests in both design and development have led me to pursue a career as a front-end developer, something that I have been able to do both within an agency and a large corporation since graduating.